Timeless Skin Care Techniques

Korean skin care practices are nothing new. They have been around for over two millennia, but have only recently made their way to the United States.

We offer many skin care services and treatments at Lamberti’s, including microdermabrasion, collagen blankets, pumpkin enzyme facials, a variety of masks and peels, etc, while customizing each treatment to fit your skin's needs. As we have been studying Korean skin care practices, and of course incorporating them into our own skin care routines, we have found there is so much more we can do (both here at the salon and at home) to improve the health, texture, and appearance of our skin. So...we’ve added some new weekly/bi-weekly services to help you experience the results we are seeing. That’s also why we’re sharing our discoveries with you in this blog!

The advantages of weekly-to-biweekly facials/ skin stimulation treatments is to give your skin a fresh start, and to teach you to become comfortable with your products at home. Estheticians can only do but so much in the treatment room! We want to properly instruct you on what you can do in your own bathroom.

When you look into Korean skincare, several steps immediately pop up. It may seem like a lot, but in the name of glowing, youthful and naturally clear skin, it isn't!! You don't get skin that looks like porcelain with just cleansing, toning, and SPF.!!!

The Korean skin care philosophy is all about being gentle to your skin and massaging. Use a gentle cleanser to remove debris, makeup and unwanted oils without stripping your natural oils that nourish your skin. You want to get to know your skin first!!!

After this is when you slowly begin to add products to your routine. Avoid harsh agents! Remember gentle is the most effective way to go about it.

Here comes the fun part: light tapping motions help products absorb and penetrate into your skin along with gentle upward circular motions to promote collagen and better circulation.

The end result is a brighter complexion! Massaging your skin while cleansing helps you relax, which is what we all need to start and end the day!

For help getting started, feel free to call us at 336-723-0791. We would love to help you on your journey towards amazing skin!

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