10 Tips for Healthy Skin in Hot Weather

Summer is almost over, but it seems like the hot weather is not letting up! We asked Wiletta, one of our awesome skin care professionals to give us tips to keep our skin healthy in this weather, and this is what she had to say...

  1. Keep lips protected - Hydrate your lips to protect them against the summer rays.

  2. Cold Showers – Cooling of in the shower will prevent excess sweating and help decrease acne breakouts

  3. RED WINE is healing! –The skin of red grapes contains “resveratrol,” a naturally occurring phenol, to help decrease redness from acute sunburns.

  4. Put a hat on! – A wide brimmed hat acts as full protection against the sun, in addition to SPF (and no need to re-apply!).

  5. Full on Fruits – Melons are packed with antioxidants and can supply the skin with hydration needed to withstand the hot weather.

  6. Water will be your best friend – Enough said!

  7. Let your skin breathe – Give your heavy moisturizers and makeup a break…at least until the fall.

  8. Skin So Soft – With the temperature being above 80◦, we tend to wear less. Don’t forget to exfoliate your entire body so you’ll be smooth and glowing.

  9. Less is More – Nude is in! Opt for a BB cream or bronzer, and make that your simple makeup step. I promise you won’t regret it.

  10. Sunscreen, SPF, Sunscreen – Protect your assets! Apply 15 minutes before you leave for your summer adventures. – Reapply every 2 hrs, sometimes more!

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